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Exciting July Culinary Events in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Chennai

Looking to spice up your rainy days this July? Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Chennai are hosting a variety of culinary events and festivities that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. From innovative cocktails and regional flavors to food festivals and pop-up experiences, there's something for every food lover. Join us as we explore the exciting culinary highlights happening in these four vibrant cities this July.

Mumbai's Cocktail Extravaganza and Regional Delights

Discover the art of mixology with a Singaporean twist at Mumbai's PCO speakeasy. Don't miss the limited-time pop-up of Origin Bar, renowned for its curated cocktail menu. Indulge in signature cocktails like the Atomic and Play-Well. Experience the flavors of Kashmir at Ummrao and indulge in Gujarati delicacies at Grand Hyatt Mumbai

Bengaluru's International Flavors and Unique Dining Experiences

Embark on a culinary journey to Sri Lanka at Aloft Bengaluru, where Sri Lankan cuisine chef Anura Chandrasiri Lenora showcases authentic delicacies. Sample a monsoon-inspired Kaiseki menu from Pune's Ginkgo, available for a limited time at The Conservatory in Bengaluru. Immerse yourself in the flavors of Japan with a multi-course dining experience

Delhi's Malabar Food Festival and Kerala Delights

JW Marriott Aerocity in Delhi hosts a not-to-be-missed Malabar food festival, curated by in-house chef Jebaseelan J. Discover the rich flavors of Kerala's Malabar region, including appetizers like Kozhi Pallipalayam and mains such as Allepey fish curry. Conclude your culinary journey with traditional desserts

Chennai's Himalayan Cuisine Extravaganza

Renowned chef Doma Wang, known as the "momo queen" from Kolkata, brings her Himalayan flavors to Chennai. Visit the pop-up event at Hyatt Regency's Chinese restaurant, Stix, to savor delectable Thukpa, steamed buns, and authentic mutton momos.

This July, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Chennai present a feast for food enthusiasts with their diverse culinary events. From Singaporean-inspired cocktails and regional Indian flavors to Sri Lankan delicacies and Himalayan cuisine, these cities offer a delectable array of experiences. Don't miss the chance to explore these vibrant culinary scenes and make your rainy days more delightful. Mark your calendars and get ready to indulge in an unforgettable culinary adventure this July in these four lively cities

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