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Experience heavenly Ladakh with Sàwai | Luxury Vacations & Concierge

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Julley all the way from Leh! That is Ladakhi for "hello," and you'll discover that everyone here is eager to greet you with it when you arrive. With the warmest of people, Ladakh welcomes you to visit its awe-inspiring barren mountains with the most serene views ever.

A road trip to Ladakh is no easy process; it is the stuff of dreams. The tranquillity of Ladakh, its brilliant blue skies, stunning rainbows, and sparkling lakes are sheer bliss. With Bollywood films like 3 Idiots and Jab Tak Hai Jaan teasing Leh in the most beautiful ways, it just fuels our desire to visit Ladakh even more. Sàwai offers a specially curated itinerary for you to take in the splendor of a pristine environment, whether you want a relaxing or an adventurous getaway.

With each passing mile on our journey to Ladakh, the lush meadows, Chinar woods, and apple orchards give way to desolate terrain illuminated by the shimmering sun. When you see monks everywhere and monasteries dotting the landscape, you know you've landed in one of the most stunning places on the planet. Some things to know about Ladakh are-

  • The most significant time to visit Ladakh is during the monsoon season, which runs from June to September. This is because Ladakh is the only dry region in the country not facing constant rain.

  • Ladakh's airport is located in the town of Leh. There are regular flights to Leh and direct flights to places such as Srinagar and Delhi. When the weather is clear, the flight to Leh offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas. When the high-altitude mountain routes are closed during the winter months, the only way to visit Ladakh is to fly into Leh.

  • If you want to take a road trip to Ladakh in the luxury of your own car or a luxurious car provided by us, you should be aware that there are two routes you can take to go to Ladakh.

  • At a staggering height of nearly 4500 meters, the Indian Astronomical Observatory in Ladakh is home to Asia's largest telescope. As a result, Ladakh has become a mecca for astronomers and astrophotographers! It is India's first robotic telescope, situated in the outlying town of Hanle.

  • The Bailey Bridge, which connects the flowing Dras and Suru rivers, is the highest in the world. A hydroelectric dam is located to the left of the bridge, while a lake is located to the right.

It is one of India's most beautiful spots and has become a popular tourist attraction throughout the years. There is a plethora of information available on locations to visit in Ladakh, and SÀWAI can take you to some of the most notable sites and excursions. However, finding thrilling alternative activities you can partake in during your Ladakh vacation is challenging. So, let’s explore some hidden treasures in this mesmerizing landscape.

  • Take a day in the Lamas' life.

Check out the minimalist existence of Lamas more closely, observe their rigorous routine, and become inspired by their highly courteous style of life. These monasteries provide you with a unique experience that might change of your personality and lifestyle forever.

  • Watch Exotic Birds at Tso Moriri

Take your binoculars and head to Tso Moriri for some fascinating bird watching. The area, located in the Changthang region, is teeming with a diverse range of avian species.

  • Pay a visit to Turtuk Village.

Turtuk Village, located near the Indo-Pakistan border and a part of the renowned Silk Route, is Ladakh's lesser-explored community.

Set a camp at Uleytokpo

Camp in one of the many tents or cottages that are readily accessible, and wake up to the serenity of snow-capped mountains and the rushing waters of the Indus River.

  • Soul Search with Vipassana

Join one of the Vipassana camps and meditate amid the community with some soul therapy. Cut yourself off from the distracting cacophony around you and go deep within yourself in silence.

Whether you want to travel to Ladakh by air or by road, Sàwai can create a bespoke experience for you. There is nothing our concierge services cannot do to ensure that your vacation is one to remember for you and your loved ones, from creating a custom itinerary to arranging private airport transfers. Sàwai can provide the following services.

  1. Airport transfers on a Private Basis

  2. Luxury Accommodations

  3. Curated experiences and fully guided excursions

  4. Full Board Basis(All meals included)

  5. Exclusive Activities amidst Snow-capped Hills

Enjoy a private Himalayas tour to Leh and Ladakh in utter luxury only with the assistance of Sàwai.

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