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The Kadju House With Sàwai | Sri Lanka | Luxury Travel & Vacations

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

In southern Sri Lanka, high on a beautiful hill overlooking the fishing village of Tangalle sits a stunning beach mansion known as 'Kadju House,' which epitomizes simple luxury. Seenimodera Bay, a crescent-shaped, pristine beach, is just a few minutes away from the two-story villa, which lies on a land area of 3400 sqft overlooking the bay.

The path to the Kadju House begins at the bottom of the hill with a stepping trail. Tropical simplicity and sophisticated elegance may be glimpsed through the lush greenery around the stairwell. While the lush foliage surrounding Kadju House is a holdover from the land's previous use as a cashew grove, the superb architectural design pays homage to, respects, and magnifies the natural splendor that once existed there in its place. Ayurvedic spa, staff quarters, vegetable garden, parking, and a gorgeous infinity pool are just some of the highlights of the Kadju House's one-acre property.

The villa's L-shape results from a simple rectangle with a void in the middle that serves as the house's basic structure. There are no walls, doors, or windows of any kind in any of the house’s public rooms because the architect decided to go with a minimalistic approach to design. As a result of the house's minimalistic design, it appears that the villa's inside and outside are indistinguishable.

One side of the house's dining area, which is on the lower level, is open to the garden, while the other, which is a few feet away, has a stunning view of the ocean. As you walk into the dining area, you'll see a stairway leading up to an upper-floor living pavilion. This is where guests are left speechless, and it's here that the villa's residents will get a taste of heaven. There's a 36-foot-long infinity pool that looks out into the lush tropical surroundings. Contiguous coconut palms cast shadows on the water, but the pool's blue and ocean's indigo blend together and spread out towards the horizon. The pool's edge is surrounded by a textured wooden deck. This is followed by a sitting space sheltered by clay tiles, a simple modern luxury example. The theatrical sight, whether it's a rising or setting sun, with its color of orange, will leave everyone awestruck and etched in their minds and hearts forever.

Each of the four en-suite bedrooms in the Kadju residence has access to a private bathroom. Each of the four rooms has been designed to be in total harmony with its surroundings, with each room incorporating the natural element closest to its location. There is nothing like waking up to a view of the gorgeous bay, with its slowly and peacefully overlapping waves and the bizarre sight of the sun setting and rising. While relaxing in the tub in the adjoining open bathroom, one may gaze at a star-studded night sky and feel completely at peace.

A cashew tree, ginger blooms, and a pond filled with Manel lilies are all found in this garden. The accommodation also has its own veranda with amazing views of the ocean. Outside the bathroom of the courtyard suites, a frangipani tree provides shade for an open outdoor shower.

The pool suite has been designed to ensure complete solitude from the rest of the villa. With lofty ceilings and a stunning ocean view, this room is ideal. Like the courtyard suite, this room also has access to a private tropical garden. When in the shower, catch glimpses of what appears to be the sea, which is far away.

There is a magnificent garden with fruit trees right outside the 'garden room,' as its name implies. With two twin beds, this room is ideal for youngsters, unlike the three other rooms in the villa. Located adjacent to a lily pond, this room's attached bathroom offers a bathtub surrounded by aromatic red flowers.

It's no surprise that these bedrooms have been designed with minimalistic principles in mind, given the villa's overall theme of understated elegance. Large-scale murals and exuberant details are necessary to provide sacredness to the space vistas. It was hoped that these rooms would blur the barrier between inside and exterior once again, and these architectural conceptions have done just that.

There is no need for air conditioning because of the house's large open spaces, making it even more in sync with nature. According to the architect, blending native and natural textures in furniture creates an ambiance of natural simplicity and modern elegance. There are many recycled doors and windows in the villas, and all of the artwork in the house is from Sri Lankan artists, so it's an eco-friendly choice. Clay brick, teak wood, galvanized iron, tempered glass, and a clay-tiled roof are among the elements used in this architectural marvel.

This house’s elements have been painstakingly crafted to create the perfect hideaway villa that appears to be the right balance between man and nature, simple luxury, and the warmth and light that flow through the house. As a result, the Kadju House is a picture of heaven on earth.

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