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Sàwai Chapora 104

Chapora, Goa, India

Property Description

It’s a place of palatial proportions and painstaking attention to detail; a rental villa first and foremost, but home to a clutch of hi-spec villa too. The cute 2 BHK and spacious casa is equally gorgeous and wildly modern – a mash-up of texture, zesty colour and contemporary style – so one you rent is ideal for a family of 4 or couples retreat. But linger too long beside the private pool and you’ll miss out on what makes this villa so special. Each corner and space is carefully designed and styled , leaving grown-ups free to slink off to the space, wallow in a private swimming pool, order best of the food and drinks by the team on assistance.The amazing living room offers tons of space where you can join your friends for a prolonged get togethers.

Property Details

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Property Location

Chapora, Goa, India

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